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A New Start

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Things sure have changed...

When I was previously in the hobby, I built everything out of plywood, chicken wire and plaster. There are so many new materials available that research was needed. I won't bore you with that here, just tell you what I decided to do. It will be mostly in pictures.

There is a new company called "Woodland Scenics" (I will put a link to all the manufacturer's and supplier's web sites in my links page) who makes something called the SubTerrain system which I decided to use for my layout. In fact, they have a complete kit called "Scenic Ridge" which is what I will use here.

Woodland Scenics makes a wonderful teaching tool (I used it for a "refresher course" and to see if my arthritic hands could still create miniature scenery) called "The Scenery Kit", of all things.

Here are the results.


Not to bad for an arthritic old guitar-playing actor, eh?

The actual modeled piece now rests in the far left-hand corner of my desk at work.

Just start below at "Table Discussion" to begin to share my journey.

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