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This site last updated on Sunday, October 21, 2007

(Author's Note: As you can see by the date above, real life has gotten in the way of progress on the layout. I have not had time -- or money -- to be involved with the travails of railroad building in the past several years. Due to health issues, I have been forced to take a major cut in pay, due to lessened ability to work. As of right now, the company for which I worked has closed over 60% of their facilities. I am now, once again, looking for work, but this time with a much lessened physical ability and stamina. Life is again getting "interesting". Stay tuned for details. -- S.)

Welcome all to this place of personal creativity and discovery. Please sign the Guest Book before you leave. I'll return the favor if you leave your site's URL.

First a couple of personal notes. I am a "semi-retired" professional entertainer. I say that because after a somewhat successful career as a television performer, I had relegated myself to working in a retail store to get the health and retirement benefits that a performer doesn't have. I do this because most of my earnings from television (what I didn't lose in "the market" in 1987) has been used to pay medical expenses for diabetes, gall bladder, arthritis (from doing stunts and pratt-falls on TV) and other assorted ailments. Now nearly 75% of my Unemployment benefits goes to pay my COBRA.

I'm not really complaining, though. I have had what I consider a wonderful life.  So, in a fit of "middle-aged crazy", I have decided to return to a hobby of my childhood, model railroading.

This web site will be a chronicle of that return journey and I invite you all to enjoy it with me.

As of this update (10/21/2007 04:07 PM ), some detail work has been done. Check out the "Summer 2007" page for pictures and exposition. Actually, you may have more fun re-visiting the entire tour.

Keep checking back in (and please remember to sign the guestbook).

As a point of order, the "Detailing Notes" page is an editorial comment (with pictures and examples). It is a short diatribe, my opinion, and should be taken with however many grains of salt you wish. Also, many of the names of products and their manufacturers are either , or and are used with the permission and indulgence of the , or owner. Links to many of their websites can be found on the links page.

Much of the "large" work is complete and the fun of giving the railroad a personality (and a life) has begun. Look inside and see. 

Please start here.


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