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Summer 2007

Additional Detailing

Since I am out of work this summer, I decided that I needed a bit of "therapy". What this means is that I decided to do some detailing work that I had intended to eventually finish, and this was the perfect excuse.

"A Bad Day Of Fishing Is Better Than A Good Day Of Unemployment"

At the front edge of the layout, I had put a culvert to move the water from the hills to the other side of the tracks. This had been left "semi-undone". What ended up going on here was a bit of a day off from work for a few of the citizens of my little village.

I figured that three friends and a couple of animals would be enough to fill this scene. The guy sitting on the culvert is holding the fishing pole (I can see it in the picture, but I don't know how well it will transfer to the net).

To the right of the picture, wearing a red shirt, is a successful fisherman. He is holding up a fish in his right hand. You can just about make out the tail over his head.

The boy in the red had to the left of the picture is holding the tackle box.

The two animals are the dog to the left-center and a duck at the culvert. Why the dog isn't chasing the duck is still puzzling me.

Meanwhile, At Work...

I did some roadside detailing. Road signs, crossing gates and warning signs. Manhole covers on the streets (unfortunately, the black-on-black doesn't seem to show up in these photographs, so, I didn't want to waste the bandwidth of posting them.)


Here is a head-on view of the plant gate. You can see the guard and his dog chatting with the truck driver as he is exiting the facility.

The chief of our intrepid Fire Brigade is stopping by for his weekly safety check (or that could be "safety cheque" as we haven't figured out if he is "on the take" or not.)



This is just a few seconds later as the morning freight comes through the crossing.

This allows you to see the signage. To the right of the road is "Plant Entrance" and "Not A Through Street". Plus the Cross-Buck and the back of the Stop Sign at the base of the hill.




Here a fuel delivery truck waits as the Crossing Gate restricts its passage while waiting for a train to come into the scene through the tunnel.


"Oh, Yeah. Life Goes On..."


Life in the village bustles along. Sales are everywhere. Baxter's Hardware is having a "Get Him A New Tool" sale, while apples are on special at the General Store.





A slight turn to the left (notice the man with the cane and the yellow hat is in both photos) and a bit of a closer look shows that one of the citizens has found something interesting enough to take a picture of. I wonder what it can be?




Oh, it seems that there is a bit of a disagreement down the street in front of the local gin-mill. One of the "Church Ladies" is lecturing a gentleman who is trying to converse with the local "Party Girls".

This could become interesting in the future. She is the mother of the Chief-of-Police and he is the Mayor!


"...Long After The Thrill Of Living Has Gone."

Like any living, breathing town. Sometimes the living and breathing stops.

Unfortunately, the picture can't capture all the detail here (the scene is back a bit too far from where I can put the camera). The foreground mourner is catching a fainting woman mourner because the lid of the coffin just started to open and hands are protruding from inside! One of the grave-diggers is trying to hold the lid down while the preacher is summoning whatever he can summon to put an end to this activity. There is another grave-digger behind the two mourners. He is kneeling, pointing and screaming.

(This is a Woodland Scenics #A2127 N Scale Scenic Accent kit. Check their website's link on my link page for a close-up of the figures.)

Stay tuned. There will be more to come.

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