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2/23/02 Photos

I'm Starting to Get Going Again!

Here are some pictures that I took this weekend just for the heck of it.

Here is the parking lot on the side of the drug store. The view is across Main Street looking at the Park Street Dead End in front of the bar.

I couldn't resist putting the "Jesus Saves" sign on the back of the Bank building.

Here is "Looie", our resident Hobo getting ready for a trip to who cares. I wish this picture showed the detail of the fact that he is sitting in the door of the box car next to his cardboard suitcase and "Blackie", his dog.

This is a short freight about to cross the grade crossing at Railroad Avenue. (As you can see, I still haven't attached the block signal to the wires which are sticking up out of the ground.)

The Fire Chief's red pickup is going up Industrial Place to do his annual inspection of the factory building.

This is a view of the intersection of Railroad Avenue, Main Street and Park Street. It seems to be a busy morning. Lots of people around and the parking lot is loaded with cars.

We are looking directly into the door of the hardware store (the building with the tower room) with the Gun Shop on the left and the Drug Store on the right. The yellow building is the Pawn Shop.

This is a slightly different angle, looking down Main Street. The road in the foreground is Railroad Avenue which does a "jog-left" into Main Street at the Drug Store.

Bill and Barney Crepple are in their convertible on their way to work as they cross the grade crossing on Railroad Avenue. The street is so named due to the fact that it crosses the tracks three times. Railroad Avenue curves in the direction of town with Industrial Place turning off to the left.

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