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A "Sign" of Life

Another Detailing Point

An old sign painter had on his business card: "A Business with No Sign is a Sign of No Business".

Well, there is this new little company called Bar Mills Models who make a wonderful line of laser-cut wooden sign kits (in 2 sizes that can be used for O to N scales). I have put a link to their web site on the links page.

Here are a couple of their offerings which I found, not only easy to make, but another one of those "little things" that make a layout come to life.

My digital camera has an auto focus on it that I just haven't gotten the hang of. Anyhow, you can see the Railway Express Agency sign that now resides on the top of the factory building.

Here is the back of the Main Street stores. On the top of the theater is a sign I remember from my youth. Reddy Kilowatt in all his glory! The graphic in both this and the REA sign are "peel and sticks" and are very detailed and thin.
In this picture, you can see the detail of the back of Reddy Kilowatt and you can see the sign that is on the top of the hotel. Also note, if you will, the little touches that I have added to the standard DPM (from Woodland Scenics) kits, such as the air-conditioning ducts and compressors on the top of the hotel, bank and theater.

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