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Detailing Notes.

Just a note about detailing...

Editorial note:

I think the most neglected thing about most model railroads is the detail that is possible for the modeler to inject on his layout. There is so much humor in day to day living that you can't have a sterile train set. Look around and you will find that the human touch is what we respond to in day to day living. That is what we need in our modeling. 

Locally there is a multi-million dollar model railroad display where the person who executed the design did a wonderful job with trees, bridges, rocks, grass and buildings. The great disappointment (at least to me) is the fact that for the miles and miles of scale track there is, there are only a handful of people.

Below are thumbnail pictures of details that I have included on the layout. Click on them (they are the only clickable photos on this website) for a more detailed look at how I feel the "human touch" can be added for a more enjoyable viewing experience with model railroads.


Mvc-464f.jpg (64097 bytes) What good is a factory/loading dock without some activity that means business is being conducted at the facility?
Mvc-475f.jpg (71867 bytes) This is a duck swimming in the stream that flows down my mountain. In actuality it is little more than the size of a grain of rice. That was before I cut the bottom half off of it so that it would look like it was swimming and not walking on the water.
Mvc-489f.jpg (89854 bytes) A buck watches over a doe who is grazing on the verdant growth of the ridge.
Mvc-491f.jpg (82290 bytes) Here is the rough side of town. What doesn't show up well is the fact that there is a red-haired woman leaning up against the front of the saloon, or, the woman in the tan coat is shaking her umbrella at the man in the white suit. These are the only two buildings which exist in the town at this time. The others will be added soon.
Mvc-492f.jpg (70137 bytes) FloJo, the local birthday party clown has stopped at the local for a few brews. He finds that the men's room is quite busy so he stops in the back to rid himself of the indulgence of the afternoon. Please realize that this is my sense of humor and I apologize if I have offended anyone with this. Also, a six-foot person at n-scale is less than a half-inch tall. Picture how big the empty beer bottles in the cases next to the back door of the bar are!

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