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"I think that I shall never see..."

I apologize to any fans of Joyce Kilmer. But, these trees are made by the hand of
I started with a small amount of trees on the ridge line itself. I had to be careful as the pipe almost touches the layout.
The city area is giving me the most trouble of all in deciding where the trees will be placed. If you look carefully, you can see a patch of yellow near the front most corner of the paved area.
Here is a close-up. I have also created a small flowered patch as if the local garden club has planted some decorative flowers near the entrance of the town.
I have used some shrubbery around the wooden portal to mask deficiencies in the placement of those retaining walls.
I have also "poured" the stream on the hillside. I haven't done the front culvert yet. That will probably be the last thing done.
Here is a straight on view of the largest rock face.
And a close up of the stream. If you notice the small white dot in the stream on a line directly between the two rock faces, that is a duck swimming. See the next page for a closer picture.
A closer shot of the center of the ridge.
The edge of the layout.

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