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But, where are the trees?

Oh, they're coming, all right. First the grass has to be finished.

Here is the general overview from the far side of the studio. As you can see, I have the basic turf down and ready for detailing.
This is the "favored view" that I have been using throughout the website. The tracks are still covered with masking tape which will not be removed until I am satisfied with the scenic treatment.
A bit closer view of the area of the factory and showing the three portals. The edging of the layout has not been finished either. I think this will be the last to do.
Looking at the high ridge, the timber portal and the city area.
A more aerial view of the factory area. You can see the stream bed really well now.
Here is a close-up of the timber portal. There is just a small amount of treatment above the retaining walls to be done.
Straight on past the bridge and the portal. Another view of the stream bed.
Here is a close-up of the stream. I have been experimenting with some higher ground cover at the top of the center stone face.
Here is a close-up of the culvert. I think I will do a bit of fine detail here.

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