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...and the Green Grass Grew All Around.

It's time to get into landscaping in earnest. Here is the beginning of the basic treatment with some of the "shaker jars" of scenic materials on the "town area".
Please note that I have covered the portals with masking tape. This is to prevent grass from growing amongst the stones.
The treatment is progressing a bit further. Please note that the tracks have been covered with masking tape. The idea of removing mastik from the tracks and turnouts is much more easy to take than the removal of grass and glue.
Here is the reason for masking the tracks. The white spots on the roadway is the "overspray" of the Woodland Scenics Scenic cement. While this would just be a bit of "extra texture" on the roadbed, the same texture on the tracks would be tragic.
The piece of masking tape in the center of this photo is one of the block signals I used for the testing of the wiring. Since it was soldered in, I decided to leave it where it was and just protect it.

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