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The Hills are Alive...

OK, now it's time to get down to serious business. Here I have added the wiring to the layout. I have done a bit more than just putting a line to the tracks.  I intend to do a bit of "electrical tricks" with the layout.

The wire in the back by the tunnel is a four-conductor which will control a signal. the other wires here are for the individual "blocks" that I am setting up. When I am done, if there is a train in the tunnel, another train approaching the tunnel will stop at the signal.
Here you can see the other blocks (foreground) wiring with a signal cable in front of each portal. The "ramp-like" things going up to the two platforms will be the asphalt road.


Oh, I guess I forgot to mention the platforms. The one in the foreground of this picture will be where my "town" will be. The one past the central portal (and higher up) will be the location of the local "industrial facility".
Paper wads have been started to be added to the basic foam foundation at this point. This will give the basic shape to the ridge.
The wads are now all in place. And so is something else...
This is the factory building out of the Scenic Ridge building set. This set is not part of the layout kit, but is available separately. I just liked the look of the buildings, so I was inclined to order this. I have been slowly working on these, also.
Since there is no way I could have used the digital camera while I was laying down the plaster, here are the shots of it after the plaster cloth is in place.
Our favorite angle shot of the layout. the wiring is sticking through the cloth.
This shot shows off the placement of the "streambed" coming down next to the central tunnel.
I have drawn a red line which is following the path of the stream. Please forgive my crude try at doing a "drawing" (and I use the term quite loosely), but I wanted to help you see where this is going.

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