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"People Get Ready..."

"...there's a train a-coming."

The next step is to place the roadbed where it belongs. The track has to be put down and you run a test train (I ran it for 25 circuits without "incident" before I marked the location of the track for the bed.
Here is the end view...
I took this picture to illustrate one of the things that annoys me about the products that are available. Sure, I made the choice to go with "snap track" rather than flexible (or even laying track by hand), but couldn't someone make insulators a color other than yellow?
Every wire on the layout exits at the front right-hand corner through the Styrofoam "profile board".
After the track has be laid, it is time to "test run" a train again. A full 25 circuits are in order (alternating between the "mainline" and the "passing siding" to make sure the switches are aligned properly.
I found several places where the glue had been on my fingers and had gotten on the tracks (not difficult to do) and had to be cleaned before I could get a successful run out of the train (note the "Bright Boy" track cleaner in the near loop).
Just a close-up of the train I used for testing.

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