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I must have Rocks in my head...

It may not be obvious from this picture, but the tunnel portals have been attached as well as the rocks that I have cast in Woodland Scenics "Lightweight Hydrocal".
Here are the rocks on either side of the stream bed. The one the pencil is pointed toward will be hanging over the factory like the proverbial Sword of Damacles. You can see an unpainted portal in the lower corner of the picture. More on this later.
Here is the same unpainted portal as well as the big rock and a slightly smaller one just beneath it.
Here are two colored portals. They have simply a "black wash" over them, then set with Woodland Scenics "Scenic Cement" spray.
Here is the central portal before...
...and after coloring. Note the small rock protruding from the cliff.
Here is the distance shot with the rocks all colored. I used a yellow, umber and black wash (in that order) on the rocks.
Here is a closeup of the large rock and the smaller one beneath it. You can also see the small outcropping over the tunnel.
These are the rocks on either side of the stream bed. Compare this picture with the unpainted one above.
I decided to do the upper portal in a timber style with retaining walls.  I have to do a repeat wash after this one dries. It didn't work exactly the way I wanted it to.

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