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A Small Town in the Hills

I couldn't do a "step-by-step" of the laying of the roads and the town foundations. It was just too sloppy and I wasn't about to touch the camera with all the slop that was on my hands.
Here is the side view of the layout with the roads and foundations in place.
I had to put the town together to measure out the foundation areas. I haven't decided what to call the town yet, but you can bet that I have ideas as to what is in it.
Here is a bit closer view. On the right hand side is the drug store, the bank, the theater, the print shop and the auto parts store.
Across the street is the hardware store, the general store, the bar and grill and the hotel.
With its back facing is the gun shop while the yellow building is the pawn shop. You really can't see the cafe (to the left of the gun shop).
This is a straight on view of the hardware store.
This is looking down the main street of the town to the tracks beyond.
Here is the factory with the gravel drive in the front of it.
Now, here you can see the cafe on the left hand of the gun shop in the distance. This will be the sleazy part of town.
Here is the side view with the buildings in place.
Here I have started detailing the drug store. Notice the cat on the ledge at the corner of the building.

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