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On a Sunday Afternoon

I had previously mentioned that the layout was located "behind my studio". I got a couple of questions regarding the studio. I have a full, professional radio and voice-over production facility located in my basement. It now shares the basement section with my N-Scale kingdom.
OK, the risers are in place and I have set up the track to see what it looks like. (Front view.)
The next step is to put plaster cloth on all the "hidden areas" of the layout. That is, all the tunnel and "staging areas" that you have. This shot is of the "over pass" which is concealed under the tunnel at the rear left of the layout. Now is the time to tighten all the tracks up so that you can mark the location for the track bed.


Something is definitely wrong here! The addition of the risers must have caused a miscalculation! I can either go back and start from scratch.

Since the whole thing is made, I opted for trying to patch it up. Luckily, it was only a 3 piece error and I think I have it done.
Here you see the outer curve on the right side of the layout going up the hill. I've added in a 1" section of straight track.
It also required 2 more modifications. Here just off the mainline, a 5/8" straight section has to be removed for continuity.
At this location, a 5/8" section had to be switched with a 1" section.
Now that the problem has be resolved, it's time to put the roadbed onto the plaster cloth laden hidden roadway.
And here is the roadbed from a slightly different angle.

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