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"It's Alive!!!"

Hustle and Bustle...

As I said on the detailing page, I have seen too many layouts that are just dead. No life. Let's face it, a model railroad is nothing more than a train that goes around in a circle. The circle might be bent, folded, twisted or truncated, but it is nothing more than a circle.

To make the layout truly live, you have to have lots of little life stories going on all at the same time.

Old Mr. Baxter is going home for a rest. His son, Bobby has been running the family Hardware Store for the past 10 years but still let's his dad come down when he feels like it.
Judy Stevenson says hello to Mr. Baxter as she pedals her way to school.
Linda Arthur jogs down the street in her attempt to lose the extra 5 pounds to fit into her wedding dress for her 10th anniversary party.
Mrs. Klein has just finished the day's shopping and is on her way home to watch her "stories".
Even though Mr. Ponderous has already had breakfast, he is stopping by the Dew Drop Inn to get some steak and eggs. He notices that his clothes just don't fit the way they used to.
Artie Delmar is hailing a cab to get to his next "idea meeting" at the television station. He has a concept for a new game show that he hopes will be the next real hit.
Carmine, the doorman, is ready to open the door of the Best Rest Hotel for Elsie Alter, the wealthiest woman in the town. She comes in every once in a while for tea in the Hotel coffee shop.
Monica and Lucy chat with Albert while waiting for the bus.
A group of citizens are waiting for the buss at the far side of town (across from Baxter's Hardware Store) while Joe Amos is unloading some cases of Bull Frog Beer to take to the Long Legs Cafe (See the previous "bad side of town" picture).
Meanwhile, Scotty Swensen is teasing his sister, Janice (yellow jacket, red pants, dark hair) by waving the book bag he took from her over her head. A bunch of their schoolmates cross at the behest of Angela, the crossing guard.
Some of the town's young families enjoy the benches and the flowers provided by the garden club at the edge of town.
Meanwhile, the Kitt Transfer and Warehouse is busy with the day's business.
Marty Manheim and his guard dog, Bruiser, are ever vigilant at the front gate. He makes sure that the driver has the proper bill of lading and directions to wherever he needs to go.
Harry Swensen (Scotty and Janice's dad) is getting some of the supplies he needs for his farm. As usual, he will be getting into trouble for parking at the "No Parking" area. Oh, well, like son, like father, I guess.

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